Our Mission

Camp for work mission groups. Our mission for the Psalm 23 Camp/Farm environment is to provide a place where church, school, and college groups can develop a closer relationship to God while serving needy families in surrounding communities. We see ourselves as a type of helps ministry. We provide a place for groups to stay in a beautiful country setting, and we make arrangements for worksites where campers can use their hands to help with home repairs.

Foreign Mission Trips. We also provide opportunities for individuals to travel to Central America for work mission opportunities with other ministries.

Writing. Dennis has been writing Christian commentary since 1986. These writings, particularly those relating to sheep, shepherds, and undershepherds are meant to give us a better understanding of biblical principles and also provoke us into action. This web site has several of those writings posted and will continually add to the list. Links can be found on the home page.

Our Uniqueness

Service. All camps held at Psalm 23 involve service to others. The Bible is clear in that Christians should help those in need.

Work, Food, Rest, Recreation. As a service organization, Psalm 23 Camp also strives to provide a comfortable place to stay and good meals to visitors during the week they are here on a work mission trip. Additionally, the camp/farm environment is a great place to spend the evenings after a hard day’s work.

Special Recreation. The beautiful mountains, the trails, rivers, and the mild summer temperatures, and the lack of biting insects are just a few of the things that make our geographic area attractive for summer visitors. Most groups plan some special activities off our Psalm 23 campus on Friday of the camp week.

Sheep Farm. Psalm 23 Camp is also home for a sheep production enterprise that allows visitors to learn more about sheep and sheep-herding dogs. Live demonstrations and object lessons are usually provided each week to campers.

Spiritual Growth. The combined total of all experiences such as spending a week together with fellow campers, service to others, the country atmosphere, the insights through special group devotions is likely the benefit the visitor has in attaining spiritual growth during the week- long stay at Psalm 23 Camp.