Leader Guide

This information is meant to be used by the church or college group coordinator who is planning a trip to Psalm 23 Camp. While some information is optional reading material, please note that all campers must be given part of the materials. The more important materials are noted by red lettering.

Please note that “Things to Bring” is necessary for all campers. Please make certain they have copies and/or understand the content of this page.

Group Reservation Contract for Psalm 23 Camp


This could be one of the most important documents in this leader guide. Please note the following points:

  1. Each group must pay a deposit of $100 per camper to confirm that reservation.
  2. A second deposit is due March 1.
  3. The contract also contains language about certain behavioral conduct such as smoking and drug use.

Tax Exempt Form – must send to us.

West Virginia law requires that we have in our files a copy of some document showing that your group is exempt from sales tax charges. If we do not have such information our state law requires us to charge 6% sales tax on your camp fee. Even if your group has been here before, WV law requires that you send something dated for the calendar year in which you come to Psalm 23 Camp.

Your church office probably has this information readily available. Documentation may be in one of two forms:

  1. You may have a certificate, or form, or
  2. You may simply have a tax number. If so, send it to us on your church stationary.

Final fee payment of $175

Send 2 weeks before camp.

Camper Registration

Send 2 weeks before camp.

Skills Inventory

Send 2 weeks before camp.

Tool Needs

Any who wish to donate tools for the Servants At Work program may wish to view this list.

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